Adoption Application Disclaimer 
Puppy Paws Rescue takes the processing of adoption applications very seriously. Prior to filling out the application please confirm the following:
1. I am ready to adopt and so are all of my family members.
2. I can make arrangements to let a puppy or young dog out until acclimated or old enough. Puppies should not be alone longer than their age in months plus 1 (e.g.: 3 months old puppy+1 = 4 hours alone max at a time).
3. I am willing to give it 2 weeks for a dog to adjust.
4. I have spoken to my landlord or parents or other individuals that make decisions about allowing a dog into a home.
5. I am calling my vet if i have or had animals in the past 5 years and i am allowing Puppy Paws Rescue to perform a veterinary check, which consists of basic vaccinations - Distemper Parvo (DHPP), Rabies, annual heart-worm test, dog spayed or neutered and on monthly heart-worm prevention.
6. I am currently not in foreclosure nor in a situation to lose my home or residence.
7. I am financially able to pay a $ 300 adoption donation, take a dog for a post adoption vet visit, and other cost that might incur when adding a dog to the household.
Must Acknowledge before proceeding with the adoption application